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    C + + data can be stored in bdb do with java read?

      I use C + + stored bdb data, the bdb format of the data structure for the C + +,
      the structure has String, double, int type, can I use the java version of bdb or je to read the data
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          "Oracle, Sandra Whitman-Oracle"

          Berkeley DB treats records (keys and data) as chunks of binary data.
          If you created a database using the Berkeley DB C++ API, and you
          want to access the database using the same version of the Berkeley
          DB Java API the database files will be compatible. However you'll
          need to access the data appropriately for the language. For
          example you'll need to account for things like a C++ int size
          being machine-dependent while the Java int type is 4-bytes, and
          C++ strings are stored as ASCII characters, etc. Note that Berkeley
          DB database files are not compatible with Berkeley DB JE log files.