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    Contract Manager XML API

      Hi, i'm searching information about this API, but the only thing I have found it's the CHM file (XMLAPI.chm) in documentation folder. Where else could I found
      more information, examples, etc. ?

      Thanks in advance
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          Unfortunately, that is all that is available from Oracle Primavera in regards to the API. I have done some coding with the API. Are there specific examples you are interested in?
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            Share some examples you've made.
            It's allways interesting to see what problem other ppl have with CM and how they solve it.
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              ok, I see. But any example will help, could you share yours ? :)
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                A co-worker and I have been working with the Contract Manager API extensively. There is a zip file or group of files availble with the API help files. The help files pretty much provide exactly what you need to get started. That's how I learned to use the API.

                What exactly are you trying to do with it? If you would like to, feel free to contact me directly at my email and we can chat. cogrady@burnsmcd.com.


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                  Many thanks for your help, I'm not doing nothing specific, just probing examples.
                  But i was wondering, it's possible to change data directly in the BD instead of using the API ?
                  (with possible I mean technically, legally, etc). Because if this is possible, I imagine that this way will be much faster than using the API (when working with lots of data).

                  Thanks again
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                    There are several points against:
                    1. You might cause problems if you don't know what is really going on where and all the triggers inside. For some tables it looks safe for some I would never try...
                    2. You will brake your maintenance contract, and if something goes wrong due to modifications you've done - you are on your own, and if I would be Oracle I would charge a lot for fixing system after manual manipulations.

                    Using API puts you in a safe position... tough then you need some programming knowledge to use it...
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                      I have to agree about back end changes. I am a heavy user as well. We are working with hundreds of thousands of records at thispoint in CM. I reserve backend changes for the very last possible solution and with the OK of Oracle through tech support only. As for the API we have been using this for mass updates and adds. I find that when I have to add many records it usually makes sense to import first since that is faster then use the update to fill in the additional fields. Really figuring out how to use it have empowered me ten fold on our projects. Many things I would not have tried before are within reach now.

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                        I totally agree - lack of Import Export is one of the most important negatives about CM...
                        but - lets get specific:

                        What you want to import - what kind of documents?
                        what are the changes you want to make to the database?

                        Everything can be done on database level, I just don't think there will ever be GO from Oracle support.
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                          We have developed a much more intelligent import/export with our new product CMPlus. Currently we have an extremely easy export utility for all the cost related modules with a column picker and filtering system. Exports can also be saved as a template for re-use. We currently only import to the cost modules but are expanding this list all the time. CMPlus includes many other utilities as well. We use the API for the transactions so not to bypass the business rules of CM. It is web-based and uses the security of a CM login. Link:[www.allthingscm.com]
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                            Gr8. I'd love to get my hands on demo of this tool.
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                              Go to the website above and view the demo video. Contact us via email for more questions
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                                Hi again, I have two questions

                                1.- How can I retrieve Line Items from Change Order using the API? wich request type?
                                2.- It's possible to add new Line Items using the API?

                                If you don't have or don't want to post your code, hints are also welcome :)

                                Thanks !
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                                  I am also new to the XML Api
                                  ANY real example would help.

                                  I have to read out the content from the "Cost Worksheet" and currently no idea, how to do that.

                                  Any help would be appricated..

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                                    The greatest source of information I have found has been the API Help File provided with CM. XMLAPI.hlp This provides a lot of could direction including a summary list of what modules can be updated through the API.

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