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    Performance Counters Inoperative

      We're using 11.06.20 on Windows Server 2003 x64 hosting WCF services in an NT Service.

      The app's been running fine for a year in this configuration. Load has been increasing steadily, so for my own comfort, I'm trying to get the performance counters working on one of our QA servers so we can move it over to production.

      So I've tried enabling the counters both ways indicated in the user guide - the registry and the app.config. Neither throws any errors or event log entries, but when I attach perfmon to the machine and add the counters to the console, all values are 0.

      Is there some other step that needs to be done to get these working?

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          So here's what I've learned:

          Enabling the perf counters through the app.config causes the service (wcf self hosting windows service) not to start. There is no useful information in the event log for this failure. The mere existence of the empty <oracle.dataaccess.client> tags within the <configuration> tags causes this failure. I don't know why, but that led me back to the registry route.

          The registry path in the doc is only valid for 32 bit operating systems. For Windows Server 2003 x64 with this version of ODP.net, the path is:


          Update the value in the right place, and it all works!