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    Call for Participation: TRAC connector for TPC

    John Stegeman
      Hello all,

      With the release of JDeveloper 11gR1 and the significant new component (Team Productivity Center), I've been thinking about writing a connector for an issue management system that I use (of course, there had to be a selfish reason), TRAC. I think an ideal way to do this would be with a small team of developers working together on the new sample code site hosted by Oracle (http://www.samplecode.oracle.com).

      In light of that, I'm reaching out for people who would be willing to work on such a project. The goal would be to design and complete a connector within a month or so of effort. If you are interested, able, and willing - please either respond to this thread or drop me an e-mail. My email address is <my first name> <dot> <my last name> <at> gmail.com (don't you hate spam?).

      Even if you are "daunted" by such a project - it should be interesting and fun - you'd be part of a team, and I think we'd all learn from the experience.

      Best regards,


      <bumping so the USA crowd sees this>