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    Oracle Customer Hub - where do I find the product to download?

      I know this sounds dumb.... but I've searched the OTN Downloads, and Edelivery but where can I go to download a trial version of Oracle Customer Hub (OCH) and Oracle Product Hub (OPH)?
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          You can only find the Customer Data Hub (CDH) & Product Information Management (PIM) in Oracle supplied patches. Try to login to metalink and find the relevant information. Following are some information on CDH & PIM installation. Hope this helps:
          Customer Data Hub Installation
          The Customer Data Hub solution is a composite of core Trading Community Architecture (TCA) functionality as well as the Oracle Customers Online (OCO) and Customer Data Librarian (CDL) applications. In order to gain the most benefits out of the Customer Data Hub, it is recommended that implementing organizations install the 11i10 Financials Family Pack G as well as the latest TCA and Oracle Customers Online/Oracle Customer Data Librarian patch sets. These releases have been optimized for the Customer Data Hub.

          The following two sections outline the optimal and minimum baselines for implementing the Customer Data Hub. Note that as CDH functionality is continually enhanced throughout future releases, the recommended baseline will be modified to reflect the latest in CDH patch set levels.

          11i10 Financials Family Pack G Baseline
          This document assumes the following baseline, and refers to the features available at this level:
          11i10 Financials Family Pack G – 11i.FIN_PF.G (3653484)
          HZ.N (3618299)
          IMC.M (4017594)
          Oracle 10g Database
          Minimum Baseline
          The following is the minimum baseline for a Customer Data Hub(for more information, see the appropriate Oracle Customer Data Hub Implementation Concepts and Strategies document version):

          11i9 Financials Family Pack D – 11i.FIN_PF.D (3016445)
          HZ L (3036401) + 12.0.2 consolidated roll up (3295400) + Bulk Import Consolidated Patch (3597225)
          IMC K (3161885)
          Oracle 9i Database
          Product Data Hub
          There is no comparable list for Product Information Management Data Hub (PIMDH), because that entity is only a license mechanism to gain the right to install PIM DL on a non E-Business Suite (EBS) instance. You do not install anything under a license of PIM DH,
          you install only PIM DL.

          You will need to install PLM family pack 'E' (Patchset 11i.PLM_PF.E - 4203793) on top of the 11.5.10 installation (11.5.10 contains family pack 'C'), for DNA to show up in the License Manager, and for you to 'activate' it for your install.

          The following Metalink Note has the details of the pre- and post- install instructions.
          Note *309187.1* About the Oracle Product Lifecycle Management Family (Family Pack E)
          R12 Patches
          Oracle Product Information Management Feature Pack Release 12.0 (Patch 6474795)