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    Printing in character mode (urgent)


      We would like to print the contents of the report in bold,italic and compressed format wich i have made in character mode (mode=character).

      i work with:
      Reports Builder 6i,
      Win 2000,
      a generic/text only printer(matrix printer: EPSON LQ-580).

      i have tied to call the bold.prt in DESFORMAT, and i have entred bold on and bold off in the section of "code after" and "code before", but no changes occurs when i print the report

      Thanking You in advance.
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          First create your .prt file. In this file, you must define the printer escape sequence for making an object print in bold format, for example. Most of the supplied .prt files incorporate this code. An example of a HP printer setting is:

          code "1"          esc"(s7B"
          code "2"          esc"(s0B"

          Check your printer settings and/or consult your printer manual for more information on other effects, such as italic.

          Next build your character mode report.

          The report must now be set to the .prt file. Set the DESFORMAT system parameter for your report to test.prt (no need for .prt extension). This can also be set as a runtime parameter.

          Next, go to the object in the report that you want to print in bold; such as, boilerplate text. Click on the properties for the boilerplate text, and go to the 'Printer Codes' tab. References to the escape codes shown above must be entered here in the Before and After fields. You are interested in the BOLD On and Off printer escape sequences so we would put &1 in the before and &2 in the after field.

          Save and run the report directing the output to a valid printer. The printed version of the character mode report should incorporate your changes.

          NOTE: You do not have to use &1, and so forth,
          Long postings are being truncated to ~1 kB at this time.
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            if you have used bold around the attribute in the layout editor and you have the 'bold on' entry in the .prt file.

            For example - in the hplwide.prt file, it contains an entry :

            code "bold on" esc "(s7B"

            If this exists in the .prt file you can just make the attribute bold in the layout editor. This leaves more codes available for the more obscure fonts types.

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              thanks for your reply, but i now all this steps, and i have done them many times but no results.
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                Not sure you tried this syntax properly. But it has to be like

                code "bold on" esc "(s7B"
                code "bold off" esc "(s0B"

                Also, you can print to file and see the output. If you see the esacpae sequences are put properly there, then the issue is withe the windows printer driver and not reports output

                The Oracle Reports Team
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                  there is no escape sequence in the output of print to file .
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                    I couldn't reproduce this here. I would suggest you to contact Oracle support by giving a valid reproducibale testcase

                    The Oracle Reports team

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                      Make sure that;
                      mode is in character
                      desformat is your customized PRT file.

                      I am using epson printers (fx870/1170)
                      maybe you should try using the decimal values instead of the ascii values. My PRT file contains the code below for emphasized/bold fonts.

                      code "1" esc "E"

                      Please see how I made my report print in condensed mode using the decimal value in the link below.

                      Condensed mode escape sequence