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    "My Oracle Support" a non-starter

      We've been having severe problems with the new "My Oracle Support" all day. Sometimes we can't log in. When we can log in, we can't get an SR logged - it errors out at various points in the process.

      I tried using the Oracle Note that is used for Grid Control certification and found that the new version that they put together for My Oracle Support only has informatiion up to OMS (Release 3). It has nothing about or (Releases 4 and 5).

      I called Oracle Support on the phone (800-223-1711) and followed the non-technical question path, then questions about Metalink. The lady I spoke with about 4:45pm EST told me that currently My Oracle Support was not available. I told her I was in it navigating around as we were speaking. She told me log an SR about the problem I was having logging an SR!!! I asked her about the problem with the OEM certification matrix information being out of date, and she again told me to log an SR!!

      So, I gave up and emailed my Oracle technical sales contact.

      Looks to me like Oracle needs to turn Metalink back on until "My Oracle Suppport" is ready for prime time.

      Well, at least the way "My Oracle Support" works accurately reflects the way Oracle Support all too often works: not at all!

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          Mike, its not that bad :)
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            Yes it most certainly is.
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              Yes it is so that bad. Nobody at our company has been able to log on ad use the new support site. I've checked with contacts at two other companies and they haven't been able to use MOS successfully either. I called Oracle Support and the support rep said she would take our information ON PAPER and raise a SEV 1 issue when she is able to get logged on herself.

              Turning Metalink back on, at least in read only mode, would be too customer firendly.
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                I agree - the transition to My Oracle Support has been a disaster for us. While I have been able to connect intermittently today I keep getting kicked off with IO error messages and can't log an SR. I recently had to beg managment not to cut our Oracle Support budget because I needed access to Metalink in order for me to do my job.... and now we've paid a whole lot of money... and I can't get what I need so I still can't do my job.

                In a few minutes I get to go explain to my boss that I am unable to meet a project deadline because of this. It will not be pretty.
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                  I tried several times to logon on Monday. most times it just sat and spun. Reload just initiated the spinning all over.
                  When I was able to get in, got IO errors. None of my SR were available. Later in the day, I was able to login
                  and see my SR, went to look up some info in the knowledge base, came back to my SR page and they were
                  all gone, then the IO errors started all over again.

                  Thank God that I didn't have to try to use MOS today.
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                    I was unable to get in with Firefox, but I am able to get in when using IE.
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                      Fahd Mirza wrote:
                      Mike, its not that bad :)
                      Oh yes it is.
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                        Chris Warticki - Oracle Premier Support-Oracle
                        My apologies to any and all who interpreted [this article|http://blogs.oracle.com/Support/2009/11/classic_metalinknanananahnana.html] as insulting or condescending. That wasn't the intent at all. In all my posts, that's never been my intent. I'm FOR our customers. As a matter of fact, if you see in the previous posts, your prior feedback helped champion the HTML version which wasn't slated to be released at all. See - your voice is important.

                        The purpose was to drive attendance to the 3 week training session on the portal changes and to direct to necessary information.
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                          Appears that MOS is full of I/O errors. This appears to be an unworkable environment at the present time.
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                            Steve Peart
                            Currently unable to log in, getting "My Oracle Support Services Error. A server connection error occurred..."

                            When I have managed to log in I encountered several functional problems, which I did not have on Metalink. Thankfully UKOUG is collecting My Oracle Support problems from their members, to "enter into dialogue with Oracle" as they put it.
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                              this is classic, just had this error
                              Operation could not succeed.Internal error occurred:Method 'WriteRecord' of business component 'External Service Request ORION' (integration component 'External Service Request ORION') returned the following error:
                              "The CSI on the SR does not match a CSI on the Contact, please correct(SBL-EXL-00151)"(SBL-EAI-04376)
                              yet I am the admin of the CSI........

                              ah well I will try again later I suppose
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                                Admittedly I haven't tried to connect many times, but each time I do I get a message that says "Account setup is still in progress. Please come back later." Considering they've been promoting this switch for MONTHS you think they would have gotten it right before switching off the old one. Unfortunately this is par for the course where Oracle Support is concerned.
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                                  For me it’s disaster I am the Administrator for my company CSI and I use to user kiranrana@vesltech.com as user name now when I try to login it says user not valid I try to retrieve the lost password in assumption that may be I am not entering the right password it says no record found, I have my personal id kiran_rana10@yahoo.com I can login with that username and then it asked me some question after that asked to register with CSI I provided the CSI and it tell me the request has been sent to Administrator basically to kiranrana@vesltech.com who cannot login. So I really don’t know what is wrong. Apart form that as many people said we have paid lot of money to Oracle to get access to Oracle Support with lot of fight with Management.
                                  I don’t know what to do next
                                  Kiran Rana
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                                    Our company is facing the same issues, however I saw a post in another thread and there is a back door -- supporthtml.oracle.com, its a little ugly but usable
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