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    RPM missing in Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.4

      The RPM oracle-firewire-module-2.6.xxxx is missing in Oracle Enterprise Linux.

      I have two servers:

      1) One runs Redhat EL kernel 2.6.9-11.xxx. I can see my firewire drive from Redhat.

      fdisk -l ===> show firewire partitions.

      rpm -qa ===> show RPM oracle-firewire-module-2.6.xxxx

      2) One runs OEL kernel 2.6.18-164.el5PAE (lateset download from Oracle Store). I cannot see my firewire drive from OEL.

      fdisk -l ===> nada

      rpm -qa ===> nada

      This is very disappointing. Oracle Linux is missing Oracle's own RPMs. I did several installs and made sure I picked everything available in DVD. Further, I searched install media and did not see any firewire RPMs in the DVD. OSS (oss.oracle.com) does not provide RPMs for versions later then Oracle Enterprise Linux 4. I was demoing RAC with Oracle Enterprise Linux 4. Then I upgraded to Oracle Enterprise Linux 5 and now I am screwed. I will have to go to Redhat EL5.
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          Here is something confusing:

          # modprobe sbp2
          # modprobe ohci1394

          FATAL: Module ohci1394 not found.

          # lspci

          02:02.0 FireWire (IEEE 1394): Texas Instruments TSB...... IEEE-1394 Controller (Link)

          # lsmod |egrep "ohci1394|sbp2|ieee1394|sd_mod|scsi_mod"

          only shows ===>

          after (modprobe sbp2) it shows ===>

          Then (modprobe ohci1394) returns ===>
          FATAL: Module ohci1394 not found.

          Are there renaming of modules with OEL5? Can somebody direct me to firewire debuging with OEL5?
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            It turns out, in OEL 5, the firewire module is black listed.

            In /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-firewire file, I commented out the line "blacklist firewire-ohci" and rebooted the server. The firewire drive is now visible with "fdisk -l".

            Now the firewire drive is no longer available to the second server. The new firewire modules does not appear to handle multiple logins (cannot share disk between two or more server as required be RAC).
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              You may be in for a still bigger disappointment: please check with the Oracle RAC team, but IIRC, using firewire for RAC may not be supported.
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                This document may be a good guide to verify what Tommy points out:


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                  Actually this process has been simplified by quite a bit in 5.4. The original poster has probably already figured this out, but in case someone else looks, the thing to do is comment out the firewire-ohci entry in /etc/modprobe.d/blaclist-firewire and then restart. I was still not able to see anything, so I found the rescan-scsi-bus.sh script and then I could finally see my device. The latest version of the script I found was 1.35. I mention that because I found a few different ones.

                  My trouble at the moment is that the device /dev/sdx can only be seen on one server at a time. If I shut down one machine, & then rescan, then I can see it on the other. I can use nfs and export it, but that is not quite what I wanted.
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                    Any solution for this problem? I have the same issue OEL 5.4 installed Firewire drive is only visible on one node at a time.Please post the solution for this problem?
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                      I would strongly urge you against this, it's a sure fire way to destroy whatever data you intend on keeping. If you need shared storage it's probably better to setup an iSCSI target using open source software (free) that you can legitimately share between two boxes, if your budget has you constrained to the degree it seems.