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    Supprised to find that BPEL reply does not end process


      We are realitvely new to BPEL so we were surprised by a behavior of the reply activity.

      We have a few synchronous BPEL processes that invoke each other. We pass back a object/outputVariable that indicates success or failure of the invoked process. After invoking one of these processes, we check the contents of the object that came back in the reply.

      If the object indicates an error, we set the output variable and execute a reply to our caller.

      If the object indicates success, control passes to the next activity in sequence.

      But when we examined the audit in the console, we noticed that execution of the process did not end with the reply. Several subsequent activities indicate that execution continued and (potentially) sent back a seperate reply at the end of the process.

      Are we reading this right? Are there actually two messages returned?

      We might expect this sort of behavior for an asynchronous process, but these are all synchronous processes.

      In our testing, the first reply sent is the one received. But we wonder what might happen accross a busy network. If the messages reverse for some reason, the calling process might get a message indicating success when there was really a problem.