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        It seems to me that even if you can connect to the application, Oracle support guys cannot ... As i checked my open SR and updated it every 2 hours, their status dont change and nobody answer to it ....
        Of course i've created a SR to feedback this cannot access to it anymore .... Nobody is here at the support to answer. i suppose they are all working to repair their shitty migration ...

        By the way i was not able to create a SR on the Html version. it's impossible to select other products than the ones in the LOV ....
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          Paul Hanson
          My Oracle Support Services Error

          A server connection error occurred.

          You cannot continue

          Please try again later.
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            Chris Slattery
            I'm just thinking. What would be the problem with switching back on the old Metalink in a readonly fashion. This would seem to get nearly all of us out of the holes that we are in and allow for a much more gradual transition.
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              Chris Slattery wrote:
              I'm just thinking. What would be the problem with switching back on the old Metalink in a readonly fashion. This would seem to get nearly all of us out of the holes that we are in and allow for a much more gradual transition.
              Agreed - I'd be delighted with that. At least I could get back my bookmarks and read my old SR entries.

              A longer time ago than I care to think about, when I first started using Oracle, we only had phone support. This was great because the call centre was local, and the people got to know you after a while, but there was no facility to search documentation or support articles of course. Then they started posting out cd-roms (remember them?!) of all the technical articles once a quarter, which was great. Then they introduced a rudimentary online access service, hosted at Oracle, called OCIS - that meant that all the tech articles were bang up-to-date, and it cut down the number of times you had to phone support. Then Metalink came along, and that was great too, because we now had tech articles, TAR raising abilities, the tech Fora, and the ability to download patches; some of that functionality was introduced over a number of updates to Metalink. The thing is, I could see a point to the progress made with each of those steps, and getting at the information became more efficient, so the change was welcome and a benefit, even though the methods were different. MOS does not seem to serve a particular purpose or improvement from my users point of view, and its requirements (eg Flash, etc) and strictures (e.g old SR curtailment, Fora removal, bookmark loss) are problematic rather than an interesting new way of working.
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                Agree 100% Simon. If you look at the pattern, each stage has given us more and kept us happy. But MOS has given us less. It has taken things away that we were really happy with, for example the old forum messages - there are nuggets in there, some of them years old, that help me at least once a week (I still find myself supporting EBS 11.5.9 systems, but thats another story). And patching, why take away updates.oracle.com? And replace it with a workaround that doesn't work? The "wget" method does not work, right mouse clicking on the Download button does not show you the URL.

                Can you imagine if Oracle had done this with their database? "We are releasing a new database version with a shiny GUI that nobody wants, we are taking away loads of features you are already using, plus we are forcing you to stop using the old versions, plus there are heaps of bugs in the new version." This would NEVER happen to the database, why do it with the support portal?

                No good can come of this. We have an expression in New Zealand - "Bring back Buck". Years ago a popular All Black captain was fired and many die-hard fans have never forgiven or forgotten, I think it will take Oracle a long time to get over this one as well.

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                  My biggest issue is the SSO.
                  I had a perfect working method. Metalink was my work email account and OTN was my own private email account. Now with SSO if I log into the forums with my private account I can kiss goodbye to seeing any work related SRs and vica versa if I login to metalink with my work account then the forums show me as a new user (which I guess I am). So I therefore have to flick between accounts, this is not good. Can oracle please get rid of SSO.


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                    Wonder why this morning that Chris's blog no longer is listed on the oracle blogs page http://blogs.oracle.com/ (at least it isn't at the time of this posting)?
                    You can still get to it with (http://blogs.oracle.com/Support) but for some reason it has fallen off of the Oracle blog listings page. Maybe just a fluke but I can't help but find the timing for this to happen as interesting.

                    Also, someone posted a comment on his blog to the link below about major security issues with Flash that many should find interesting.

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                      Jacob Madsen
                      I have been unable to access MOS for a week now. The SSO login keeps failing with all sorts of errors such as "Invalid login", "Account Setup still in progress", "Server connection error, you cannot continue", "Recursive error in some jspx page", "HTTP Error 500 (or 503), please contact the administrator" etc. etc. when trying to access either the Flash or HTML site.

                      This is outrageous. Meanwhile, I have to be insulted by the previously mentioned email, which basically says "You're too dumb to use MOS, since your login doesn't work. We say it does work, end of story".

                      Roll this SSO BS back ASAP, so paying customers can get access to what they're paying for!!!
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                        Sorry to hear about all of your issues. I feel for everyone that has critical needs for the support site during all of this. Like a few others on the threads we are lucky in that we don't have any SEV 1 issues working right now so we are very fortunate compared to so many others. Like all of us I'm wondering what is going to come of all of this and I sure hope that the tone of blame the customer goes away soon. That tone just adds to the frustration. Even when, if, they get this all working I already know by working in the new site that I have totally lost the ability to be proactive and support my customers like I use to be able to do. As a technical support customer the loss for me is one thing but the loss to 'my' customers is the most frustrating thing since they will also feel the results of this even though they don't access the support site themselves.
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                          I'm one of the lucky guys who had a previous SSO account so i can connect to MOS and to be honest, it works better since today but i wonder how this application was tested ????
                          Seems also to me that there is major changes in the way the SR are managed and i cannot remember an Oracle mail communicating about that.

                          The main changes which are, to my opinion, particularly annoying are:
                          - You cannot create a SR on any Oracle product. By default there is a list of products in the LOV. However i dont know how they deduce the content of the LOV. For instance we have the EBS so i can see some of the Oracle applications modules in the list but i cannot create a SR about Applications install !!!!

                          - the second one is really important. Seems to me that they have changed the different status of the SR. Iv'e checked carefully my opend SR and most of the time they have now only 2 status:
                          customer working (i'm glad Oracle recognizes wthat we are working for them ...)
                          Review Update which seems to mean that support is working on ur SR .... However there is no more when u update your SR the status 1st callback,2nd callback .... doesnt seems too that the workflow behind this forces the analyst to answer. I've updated my SR about 4 times per day since the migration and the satus never change ... i've also no answer
                          So it means basically that you dont know anymore if the support is working on your SR or not ...

                          Is there is some document somewhere which describes the new SR status and the way the workflow works ?
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                            I created my SSO weeks before the migration but a few days after the migration, all I could get was 'User has not been properly initialized'. Our office couldn't get in but others could. I'm in now but now I've got 2 accounts. Like Alan, OTN was private email and Metalink was work. Somewhat annoying but oh well.

                            The MOS interface is SLOW and the Oracle Support Community under it is clumsy. Here I can be at a particular forum and open threads in new windows. Unless I'm missing some setting over on MOS, I can't do that there. I actually prefer coming to OTN to check for answers first before going over there unless I need to read Metalink docs. I was happy to see all my bookmarks survived.

                            We were actually asked for feedback about the transition that would actually be given to Oracle so I did put in my 2 cents for what its worth.

                            Edited by: Evita on Nov 13, 2009 9:22 AM
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                              Chris Slattery
                              It looks like they have transitioned to a new support backend called Orion. This would have accounted for all of the service name changes as well, as they would have to have had reinitialized the workflow from scratch. Additionally there seems to be a fair bit of SOA glue holding it all together.

                              This + putting in a new flash interface + SSO conversion of everyone is a brave step. Seems to be getting better though during the week. I wish there was some kind of detailed update from whoever is in charge. cough cough meaningfully.

                              Now correct me if I'm wrong but didn't Oracle buy Orion many years ago anyway ?
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                                MyPOS (and Flash in general) is still not ready for prime-time, let alone as a "production" system. I've experienced almost all the errors already in this thread, along with numerous other ones.

                                For our CSI (of which I am one of the administrators), we had over 130 users pre-switchover. After switchover, we only have 50.

                                I've been able to get in intermittently, and have created two non-technical SR's about problems with the site, neither of which show up. The search returns unpredictable results. One time today, I started a search for 'dataguard' and had two results in the "Install" sub-category. I wasn't able to back up to check a different category, so I clicked "Clear All" to start a new search on 'dataguard', and this time I got 8 hits under "Install".

                                There are just a ton of problems, both big and small with the new MyPOS.

                                This new Flash-based crappola should give Apex (the old Classic Metalink) a HUGE shot in the arm.

                                Bill Ferguson
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                                  Hans Forbrich
                                  Chris Slattery wrote:
                                  Now correct me if I'm wrong but didn't Oracle buy Orion many years ago anyway ?
                                  Probably a different beast (from the one I'm thinking about)

                                  Oracle bought the J2EE engine called 'Orion' from 'Iron Flare' and that became the OC4J J2EE engine behind our beloved Oracle Application Server. It competes with WebLogic Server, and I am pretty confident which one would win out under the 'new and improved' system.

                                  Then again, there may be other Orions out there.
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                                    Hans Forbrich
                                    wbfergus-1 wrote:
                                    MyPOS (and Flash in general) is still not ready for prime-time, let alone as a "production" system. I've experienced almost all the errors already in this thread, along with numerous other ones.
                                    According to Richard Miller at http://blogs.oracle.com/supportportal/2009/10/part_three_--special_areas_o.html#comments we are in the minority.

                                    "It is a small percentage of users (a few %) who at this point do not have flash installed at all, and a very small number who have flash but should be on a more recent version. Granted those who don't want are vocal, and have some valid concerns too!"

                                    Time to 'suck it up?