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    ExtStringTemplate Warning while Converting a SQLServer DB to Oracle 10g

      Hi everyone,

      I hope this is the right Forum to ask about this. I apologize if I misplaced it

      I am currently having some trouble with the migration of a MSSQL Database (2000 with all its stored Procedures) to ORACLE 10g. I am using the offline Capture Method to generate the captured Model without any errors or warnings.
      But as soon as I convert the Captured Model to the ORACLE Model I get a bunch of Warning Messages that read as follows:


      Clicking on Details does not give any further clues on which Object caused it during conversion.

      During the last few Days I tried to find Information about this Warning Message searching several Blogs and Forums, but to no avail.

      I would like to know how I could solve this problem or if it even might influence the applications later on that are supposed to work with the converted Database.

      Any help with this is highly appreciated

      Here some Information about the test Environment:
      System specs:
      Oracle runs in A Virtual Box Dev-Environment with Win2k3 as Guest OS
      VirtualBox: 3.0.10 r54097
      ORACLE Database 10g r 2
      SQL Developer     Info

      Oracle SQL Developer
      Build MAIN-62.61
      Copyright © 2005, 2009, Oracle. All Rights Reserved. Alle Rechte vorbehalten.
      IDE Version:
      Product ID: oracle.sqldeveloper
      Product Version:


      Komponente     Version
      ==========     =======
      Java(TM)-Plattform     1.6.0_11


      Name     Wert
      ====     ====
      apple.laf.useScreenMenuBar     true
      awt.toolkit     sun.awt.windows.WToolkit
      class.load.environment     oracle.ide.boot.IdeClassLoadEnvironment
      class.load.log.level     CONFIG
      class.transfer     delegate
      com.apple.macos.smallTabs     true
      com.apple.mrj.application.apple.menu.about.name     "SQL_Developer"
      com.apple.mrj.application.growbox.intrudes     false
      file.encoding     Cp1252
      file.encoding.pkg     sun.io
      file.separator     \
      ice.browser.forcegc     false
      ice.pilots.html4.ignoreNonGenericFonts     true
      ice.pilots.html4.tileOptThreshold     0
      ide.AssertTracingDisabled     true
      ide.bootstrap.start     1174433566556
      ide.build     MAIN-62.61
      ide.conf     C:\Programme\sqldeveloper\sqldeveloper\bin\sqldeveloper.conf
      ide.config_pathname     C:\Programme\sqldeveloper\sqldeveloper\bin\sqldeveloper.conf
      ide.debugbuild     false
      ide.devbuild     false
      ide.extension.search.path     sqldeveloper/extensions:jdev/extensions:ide/extensions
      ide.firstrun     true
      ide.java.minversion     1.6.0_04
      ide.launcherProcessId     2636
      ide.main.class     oracle.ide.boot.IdeLauncher
      ide.patches.dir     ide/lib/patches
      ide.pref.dir     C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\Administrator\Anwendungsdaten\SQL Developer
      ide.pref.dir.base     C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\Administrator\Anwendungsdaten
      ide.product     oracle.sqldeveloper
      ide.shell.enableFileTypeAssociation     C:\Programme\sqldeveloper\sqldeveloper.exe
      ide.splash.screen     splash.gif
      ide.startingArg0     C:\Programme\sqldeveloper\sqldeveloper.exe
      ide.startingcwd     C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\Administrator\Desktop
      ide.user.dir     C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\Administrator\Anwendungsdaten\SQL Developer
      ide.user.dir.var     IDE_USER_DIR
      ide.work.dir     C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\Administrator\Eigene Dateien\SQL Developer
      ide.work.dir.base     C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\Administrator\Eigene Dateien
      java.awt.graphicsenv     sun.awt.Win32GraphicsEnvironment
      java.awt.printerjob     sun.awt.windows.WPrinterJob
      java.class.path     ..\..\ide\lib\ide-boot.jar
      java.class.version     50.0
      java.endorsed.dirs     C:\Programme\sqldeveloper\jdk\jre\lib\endorsed
      java.ext.dirs     C:\Programme\sqldeveloper\jdk\jre\lib\ext;C:\WINDOWS\Sun\Java\lib\ext
      java.home     C:\Programme\sqldeveloper\jdk\jre
      java.io.tmpdir     C:\DOKUME~1\ADMINI~1\LOKALE~1\Temp\
      java.library.path     C:\Programme\sqldeveloper;.;C:\WINDOWS\Sun\Java\bin;C:\WINDOWS\system32;C:\WINDOWS;C:\oracle\product\10.2.0\db_1\bin;C:\WINDOWS\system32;C:\WINDOWS;C:\WINDOWS\System32\Wbem;C:\Programme\Microsoft SQL Server\100\Tools\Binn\;C:\Programme\Microsoft SQL Server\100\DTS\Binn\;C:\Programme\Microsoft SQL Server\100\Tools\Binn\VSShell\Common7\IDE\;C:\Programme\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\Common7\IDE\PrivateAssemblies\;C:\WINDOWS\system32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0
      java.naming.factory.initial     oracle.javatools.jndi.LocalInitialContextFactory
      java.runtime.name     Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment
      java.runtime.version     1.6.0_11-b03
      java.specification.name     Java Platform API Specification
      java.specification.vendor     Sun Microsystems Inc.
      java.specification.version     1.6
      java.util.logging.config.file     logging.conf
      java.vendor     Sun Microsystems Inc.
      java.vendor.url     http://java.sun.com/
      java.vendor.url.bug     http://java.sun.com/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi
      java.version     1.6.0_11
      java.vm.info     mixed mode
      java.vm.name     Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM
      java.vm.specification.name     Java Virtual Machine Specification
      java.vm.specification.vendor     Sun Microsystems Inc.
      java.vm.specification.version     1.0
      java.vm.vendor     Sun Microsystems Inc.
      java.vm.version     11.0-b16
      jdbc.library     /C:/Programme/sqldeveloper/jdbc/lib/ojdbc5.jar
      line.separator     \r\n
      oracle.home     C:\Programme\sqldeveloper
      oracle.ide.util.AddinPolicyUtils.OVERRIDE_FLAG     true
      oracle.jdbc.Trace     true
      oracle.translated.locales     de,es,fr,it,ja,ko,pt_BR,zh_CN,zh_TW
      oracle.xdkjava.compatibility.version     9.0.4
      orai18n.library     /C:/Programme/sqldeveloper/jlib/orai18n.jar
      os.arch     x86
      os.name     Windows 2003
      os.version     5.2
      path.separator     ;
      reserved_filenames     con,aux,prn,lpt1,lpt2,lpt3,lpt4,lpt5,lpt6,lpt7,lpt8,lpt9,com1,com2,com3,com4,com5,com6,com7,com8,com9,conin$,conout,conout$
      sqldev.debug     false
      sun.arch.data.model     32
      sun.boot.class.path     C:\Programme\sqldeveloper\jdk\jre\lib\resources.jar;C:\Programme\sqldeveloper\jdk\jre\lib\rt.jar;C:\Programme\sqldeveloper\jdk\jre\lib\sunrsasign.jar;C:\Programme\sqldeveloper\jdk\jre\lib\jsse.jar;C:\Programme\sqldeveloper\jdk\jre\lib\jce.jar;C:\Programme\sqldeveloper\jdk\jre\lib\charsets.jar;C:\Programme\sqldeveloper\jdk\jre\classes
      sun.boot.library.path     C:\Programme\sqldeveloper\jdk\jre\bin
      sun.cpu.endian     little
      sun.cpu.isalist     pentium_pro+mmx pentium_pro pentium+mmx pentium i486 i386 i86
      sun.desktop     windows
      sun.io.unicode.encoding     UnicodeLittle
      sun.java2d.ddoffscreen     false
      sun.jnu.encoding     Cp1252
      sun.management.compiler     HotSpot Client Compiler
      sun.os.patch.level     Service Pack 2
      svnkit.sax.useDefault     true
      user.country     DE
      user.dir     C:\Programme\sqldeveloper\sqldeveloper\bin
      user.home     C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\Administrator
      user.language     de
      user.name     Administrator
      user.timezone     Europe/Berlin


      Name     Identifier     Version     Status
      ====     ==========     =======     ======
      Audit     oracle.ide.audit     Geladen
      Check For Updates     oracle.ide.webupdate     Geladen
      Code Editor     oracle.ide.ceditor     Geladen
      Datenbank-UI     oracle.ide.db     Geladen
      Datenbankobjekt-Explorer     oracle.ide.db.explorer     Geladen
      Diff/Merge     oracle.ide.diffmerge     Geladen
      Extended IDE Platform     oracle.javacore     Geladen
      Externe Tools     oracle.ide.externaltools     Geladen
      File Support     oracle.ide.files     Geladen
      File System Navigator     oracle.sqldeveloper.filenavigator     Geladen
      Help System     oracle.ide.help     Geladen
      Import/Export Support     oracle.ide.importexport     Geladen
      Index Migrator support     oracle.ideimpl.indexing-migrator     Geladen
      JDeveloper Runner     oracle.jdeveloper.runner     Geladen
      Log Window     oracle.ide.log     Geladen
      Navigator     oracle.ide.navigator     Geladen
      Object Viewer     oracle.sqldeveloper.oviewer     Geladen
      Objektgalerie     oracle.ide.gallery     Geladen
      Oracle Data Modeler Reports     oracle.sqldeveloper.datamodeler_reports     Geladen
      Oracle Database Browser     oracle.sqldeveloper.thirdparty.browsers     Geladen
      Oracle IDE     oracle.ide     Geladen
      Oracle SQL Developer     oracle.sqldeveloper     Geladen
      Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler Viewer     oracle.datamodeler     Geladen
      Oracle SQL Developer Extras     oracle.sqldeveloper.extras     Geladen
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      Oracle SQL Developer Migrations - Antlr3 Translation Core     oracle.sqldeveloper.migration.translation.core_antlr3     Geladen
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      Oracle SQL Developer Migrations - Microsoft Access     oracle.sqldeveloper.migration.msaccess     Geladen
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      Oracle SQL Developer Worksheet     oracle.sqldeveloper.worksheet     Geladen
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      Sql Monitoring Project     oracle.sqldeveloper.sqlmonitor     Geladen
      Tuning     oracle.sqldeveloper.tuning     Geladen
      Unterstützung von Datenbankverbindungen     oracle.jdeveloper.db.connection     Geladen
      Unterstützung von Historie     oracle.jdeveloper.history     Geladen
      VHV     oracle.ide.vhv     Geladen
      Versionierungsunterstützung     oracle.jdeveloper.vcs     Geladen
      Versionierungsunterstützung für Subversion     oracle.jdeveloper.subversion     Geladen
      Virtual File System     oracle.ide.vfs     Geladen
      Web Browser and Proxy     oracle.ide.webbrowser     Geladen
      oracle.ide.indexing     oracle.ide.indexing     Geladen
        • 1. Re: ExtStringTemplate Warning while Converting a SQLServer DB to Oracle 10g
          Hi <please supply your name>,

          "Oracle.dbtools.migration.parser.ext.ExtStringTemplate.setValue(ExtStringTemplate.java:134)" is an internal warning when we are generating the stored procedure,function,view or trigger PL/SQL code.
          It will manifest itself possibly as a incorrectly converted statement/clause in the oracle model.
          Some times it doesn't manifest as an issue at all, and causes no issues.
          Either way its a bug, but I need a bit more detail to replicate.

          Does this stop your Oracle Model from being converted?
          Is there anymore to the Exception ? Is there a "details" button that can be clicked to view the entire exception stack trace?
          Can you skim through some of your converted procedures to see if anything stands out. If so could you provide a small example of the SQL Server procedure.

          If your Oracle Mode is generated and looks reasonably OK, the process would be to move on, as you will have to test the converted procedures anyway and you will pick up on any issues this caused then.

          Dermot O'Neill
          SQL Developer Team
          • 2. Re: ExtStringTemplate Warning while Converting a SQLServer DB to Oracle 10g
            Thank you very much for your Reply.

            Sorry that I couldn't write earlier.

            --Does this stop your Oracle Model from being converted?
            The conversion process completes with a few errors that I'm going to fix by hand.

            --Is there anymore to the Exception ?
            Concerning the Details button: When I click Details it only shows the same exception Message as posted above. Unfortunatly no stacktrace. But maybe there is some kind of logfile outside the IDE which I am not aware of yet, since I am rather new to working with sql developer. If you could point me to the stacktrace I will be happy to post it here.

            --Can you skim through some of your converted procedures to see if anything stands out
            I did as you suggested. There was a strange behaviour in a Procedure where there was a construct like N'<somestring>' in the original Transact SQL. Somehow every SQL statement that follows is recognized as a String, hence the code is not compiling at all.
            There are also some Prcedures which exit with the message: "unexpected end of Subtree"

            Edited by: gWahl on 13.11.2009 00:43
            • 3. Re: ExtStringTemplate Warning while Converting a SQLServer DB to Oracle 10g

              OK I would suggest ignoring that warning , it shouldn't happen , and I will keep an eye out for it in the future.

              " There was a strange behavior in a Procedure where there was a construct like N'<somestring>' in the original Transact SQL. Somehow every SQL statement that follows is recognized as a String, hence the code is not compiling at all."
              Can you give me the T-SQL example of this?
              Note, that I think there is a problem with the color highlighting. In that N'<something>' does mess up the color highlighting. But the SQL is fine.

              SQL Developer Team