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        To read the content from the cost worksheet you have to use the COS System_item_type within a query request.

        First you have to log in the system, then you have to update system data (to be able to open a project) and after this, you could read the cost worksheet.
        The XMLAPI Help have code examples for Visual Basic, look for the next subjects:

        "Login to Contract Manager"
        " How do I open a project? - Submit a SYSTEMDATA request"
        and finally "Submit a Query request"

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          Hi Freud,

          I did the logon an dretrieved a SessionId.
          This I pass to the next request "GETGROUPLIST", but I get an error.

          Do I have to handle the cookies as well?

          After I call GETGROUPLIST I get:

          <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
          <response responseCode="-1"><error><message>You are no longer connected to Contract Manager API.Please log in again to continue.</message></error></response>


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            I finally sorted out, how to use the API...

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              Now i'm trying to insert a Change Order, but i'm getting an error a little weird "message = cntr_master_key is invalid. There is no Contract or Purchase Order with the master_key 9R27L ACE INI THKIhK4602 in the 9R27L project."

              As you can see, I'm working with the 9R27L - Runway 9R Reconstruction project. But if you do a query CON (to look out the contracts), you will find that 9R27L ACE INI THKIhK4602 is a valid master_key :S. So, the master_key exist, but when trying to insert, seems like change order doesn't recognize it.

              Has anyone dealt with this error ?

              Edit: My bad, the master key its "9R27L ACE INI THKIhK4602", with three spaces in the middle, funny uhu

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                a new challenange....

                I have to update within the costworksheet the column "Actuals Expended" and have no idea, how to do this.
                I thought this field is computed on enhtered docuzments, or is there a way to directly update this field?

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                  Actuals Received and Actuals Expended are normally coming from invoices, so you enter invoices for committed contract or purchase orders. Fields are used in following way:

                  Amount Billed = Actuals Received
                  Amount Paid = Actuals Expended

                  Other way to enter actuals would be adding Trend item with proper cost categories.

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                    Actually, a clarification:

                    Actuals Received results from Invoices or Pay Reqs associated with a Committed Con/PO

                    Actuals Issued results from Invoices or Pay Reqs associated with a Budget Con/PO

                    Actuals Expended_ results from Invoices or Pay Reqs associated with a Custom (or Funding)_ Con/PO

                    You will need to turn on the Project Setting under Cost Options to show the Custom Contract related items in the project.

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                      So, when I understood your comments corretcly, there no way to update Actual_Expended directly because this is a field which is calculated and an persitent field on the database?

                      No way around?

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                        Yes, that is correct. The API generally follows the same rules applied within the application. Only a few columns in the Cost Worksheet can be modified directly. All others are summary calculations from cost distributions.

                        If your goal is to simply record an amount for each cost code, then you could create a custom field on the cost worksheet that could be updated directly.

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