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    Reusing human task for multiple levels of Users


      Please guide me on how can we dynamically assigning parameters of different Roles to a human task and get the history of the human task from a specific level user’s to payload of the next level users.

      Can we re-use a workflow designed for 2 levels of approvals to multiple levels of approvals?

      Ex: Application A sends a workflow request which will be routed to 2 levels of approvers i.e. UserA, UserB (Reviewers) and UserC, UserD (Approvers). For this we have created two human tasks namely HumanTask1 and HumanTask2.

      We have assigned Approvers to HumanTask2 and HumanTask2 gets the payload from the history of HumanTask1 (comments and updates from Reviewers).

      If Application A sends a workflow request which should be routed to 3 levels of approvers i.e. UserA UserB (Reviewers), UserC UserD (Approvers) and UserE UserF (Administrators).

      Can we use the above workflow by assigning Approvers, Administrators to Human Task2 and get the history of Approvers in the payload to Administrators?