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      Hi all,
      i am getting PRKO-2118 Error in checking condition of ASM instance +ASM1 on node when i execute srvctl status asm -n <nodename> . i searched on net and found that cause can be crs daemon is not up or asm instance is in unknown status. i verified both.

      crsctl check crs
      Cluster Synchronization Services appears healthy
      Cluster Ready Services appears healthy
      Event Manager appears healthy

      crs_stat -t shows that asm instance is online .

      can anyone help me to get rid of this error.

      Thanks for your help and support.
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          It says in the error list that >

          Oracle Error : PRKO-2118: "Error in checking condition of ASM instance {0} on node {1}."

          Cause: There is a problem with the CRS daemon, or the ASM resource is in an unknown state.

          source Link: [http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/B14117_01/rac.101/b10765/apperror.htm]

          Action: Check if the daemon is up and listening to the port that SRVCTL is communicating with. Check the ASM resource status

          Does the stop and start of the resources work?

          where have you got or found that error? Was it during the stop & start?

          What is the release you are using?