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    Desk Manual Index in Tutor - Search and Customizing

      Hi there,

      Our organization uses Tutor to document processes and we had a few questions regarding the Desk Manual Index

      Once we have created the HTMLs from the documents and created a Desk Manual Index, is there a way to search for the documents from the Desk Manual Index page?

      The issue we are seeing is that users are unable to find documents from the Desk Manual Index level. I would be helpful if the documents, belonging to a job title, were listed underneath the job title on the Desk Manual Index page.

      Also is there a way to customize the order of the documents on the Desk Manual Index page?

      Currently all documents are listed in alphabetically order, but this is not very user friendly, the documents should be listed according to the process flow. It would be helpful to have a simple method to customize the order (as you can do for the student guides) and to be able to present the Desk Manual Index in a more logical way.

      Suggestions would be appreciated.
      Thanks in advance
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          Hello and thank you for using Tutor! Hope one or two of these suggestions work.


          The purpose of the Desk Manual Index is to simply list all the job roles found in the library of documents. In once click an employee can see the documents relevant to their job role.

          Solution a)
          If employees want to see a master list of all documents, the Tutor Publisher Doclist report lists the title, file ID, and effective date of all the documents in the Tutor final folder. This report can be linked to the Desk Manual Index using the custom HTML header feature. In one click from the Desk Manual Index page, an employee can go to this master list and see all the documents.


          The desk manual was never intended to show the sequence of documents per job title. One procedure may not be the first procedure for everyone that acts in the procedure. This assumes most procedures involve more than one actor. Since Desk Manuals are different depending on the job title, it is very hard to predict the correct sequence for each job title's desk manual.

          The desk manual for a single job title should contain a SMALL and meaningful table of contents of procedures from the larger library of company procedures. That way, the employee who looks at their Desk Manual TOC is looking at documents that just pertain to their job. It is much easier to find the title of the procedure in a short Table of Contents even if procedures are not listed in the sequence in which they are performed. Alphabetical is the most direct way to automatically list procedures in a Desk Manual Table of Contents.

          Solution a

          To provide an employee (by job role) with a sequence to perform the procedures they act in, write a process flow that references that job title's procedures in the sequence in which they might perform the procedures. The process flow will land in the Employee's Desk Manual. The employee can use that document to see the flow from one procedure they act in to the next. A process flow can be manually created for each job title that is referenced in all your procedures. And, since documents are listed alphabetically, you can title the role's process flow something like this "1 Accounts Payable Clerk Process Flow"
          Using a 1 will put it at the top of the Reference document list, or you can manually adjust the desk manual index after Publisher creates it. See solution b.

          Solution b
          The HTM file of any of the Desk Manuals can be manually modified after Publisher has generated them. You can use Dreamweaver or any other HTML editing program.

          Kind regards,
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            Usage of Tutor certainly looks interesting.