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    HTTP Error 408 on SALT 1.1

      Hi all
      I'm using SALT 1.1 (Patch Level 011) with Tuxedo 8.1 (Patch Level 355) and experiencing intermittent HTTP Timeout Error 408 response codes. These responses are returned by SALT immediately and there's no output from the Tuxedo service when it occurs. I haven't been able to reliably recreate it, but it occurs quite regularly in some of our environments. The GWWS is configured with mostly default values. The server timeout value is unspecified, which should mean a default of 300 seconds. Has anyone come across any similar behaviour with SALT?

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          At most of time, this error, 408 indicates the network reading is timeout. For example, the client claims to send 100 bytes, but hung at 90 bytes for some reason. And GWWS will report timeout if the waiting time longer than the timeout value, as you mentioned, the default value is 300 seconds. You may configure it to a large value to see the result.