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    Unable to use the ServiceToService servlet


      I'm facing some issues to use the ServiceToService servlet.

      In order to use the S2S, I follow these steps:
      1. check that IFS.DOMAIN.CREDENTIALMANAGER.ServiceToServiceAuthenticationEnabled is set to true
      2. create a trusted application entry in OID (I follow the steps foudn here: http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/B25553_01/discussions.1012/b28208/s2sauth.htm#sthref79)
      3. Use S2SAuthentication.java from the oracle developper accelerator kit: it uses oracle HTTPClient to connect to the servlet via a digest authentication in which I use the DN of the OID entity created on step 2 and it's password.

      Unfortunatly, it doesn't work, the HTTPClient open a popup asking my credential, this means that my credential are refused by the servlet.

      Can someone have an idea?