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Has anyone completed certification exam for sql?
how long did u prepare for the exam?
what all books did u study?
how many hours per day did u study?

Thanks in advance.
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    I have given SQL exam for oracle 9i. You should go for 10g/11g.

    how long did u prepare for the exam?

    It is depend upon yourself actually. Set a target for the exam like after 3/4 months I will appear for my SQL exam. Study hard and practice.

    what all books did u study?

    I have followed book from oracle university which I got from the training center (student guide for SQL). Also lot of SQL books are available in the internet also in the market which you can buy.

    how many hours per day did u study?

    Also depends upon you. I think 1/2 hours is fine enough.

    Hope this helps.

    Asif Kabir
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    I used OCA Oracle Database 11g SQL Fundamentals I Exam Guide and took the 11g SQL Fundamentals exam. I spent around a month reading it and trying some things (I'm a slow reader); 30-40 hours per week. When I completed it I then took the practice exam which comes with it. I then took the Oracle sample test (10 questions found here). Before this I had a few months experience with basic SQL from my placement and a couple more from university (although most had been forgotten from this). I only just managed to pass the exam but I think if I had taken it as soon as I finished these things then I would have done better (waited for a week where I had stopped practising/preparing for this specifically although I was still doing SQL). I'd say to spend 2-3 months unless you feel confident beforehand based on your scores in some of those tests.

    Alternatively you could prepare for the 11g SQL Expert exam which would earn you a certificate outright and contribute to OCA. This is more difficult though and so would probably require more time as it involves analytical functions (I think) and such.

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    Free online SQL training ( Try it to prepare to exams.
    Solve 100+ exercises and you'll pass any SQL exam.
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    user12402163 wrote:
    Free online SQL training ( Try it to prepare to exams.
    Solve 100+ exercises and you'll pass any SQL exam.
    IMHO Oracle Certification candidates may wish to consider carefully before using this site.

    - Please note I have submitted this site to certguard .. they are currently unaware of it.
    - It is quite possilble the site contains original material - it is also possilble it contains unauthorized material.

    - IMHO It is quite likely the poster is connected with the site and is advertising it in breach of forum rules

    - It is possible this site may be promoting their own SQL Certification (effectively the revenue source). It is quite possilble this is near worthless. (However I wil say that at least one really useful site on the net operates this way).

    ( -- To give some kind of clue bigdelboy is finally hoping to get round to taking an SQL exam at some time in the next 2 months and for that reason bigdelboy will not be looking at the SQL questions on this site because of a small risk of coming across unuauthorized material that could damage his certifcation(s) )


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