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    SDO_ORDINATE_ARRAY precision control

      Dear Everyone,



      I met a problem dealing with storing the geometry with proper precision of SDO_ORDINATES values. When I upload the Geometries into Oracle, I had chosen FME (one software does transforming and uploading data automatically.) BUT, when I export the geometry ordinates for other programs for calculations or analysis, I found the precisions for each coordinates are too many (I do not really need that much, besides, it brought problems for floating number calculations.) For example, the lat/long value would be 10.0000000000000001/ 20.0000000000.

      In other program, I can trim the data without these many digits, but I also need to refer back to the database, and there is already some data lost. I would like to have the data trimmed in the database after I upload the data into oracle. I can not find any function or command so far, neither from the FME nor the oracle documents. Anyone would have known this, please leave me your comments. Thanks in advance.

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          John O'Toole
          You can do this in FME using the [CoordinateRounder |http://docs.safe.com/fme/html/Transformers/content/transformers/coordinaterounder.htm] transformer.

          There's no function available in Spatial to do this, but its pretty straightforward to do. Here's a sample function:
          CREATE OR REPLACE Function Round_Coordinates(p_geometry IN MDSYS.SDO_GEOMETRY, p_tolerance IN NUMBER)
               v_dim            number;
               v_gtype          number;
               v_geometry       mdsys.sdo_geometry := p_geometry;
               v_ordinates      mdsys.sdo_ordinate_array;
               v_round_factor number;
              v_gtype := Mod(p_geometry.sdo_gtype,10);
              v_dim :=  SUBSTR(p_geometry.sdo_gtype,1,1);
              v_ordinates := p_geometry.sdo_ordinates;            
              -- Compute rounding factors
              v_round_factor := round(log(10,(1/p_tolerance)/2));
              -- If point update differently to other shapes...
              IF ( v_geometry.sdo_point is not null ) Then
                v_geometry.sdo_point.X := round(v_geometry.sdo_point.x, v_round_factor);
                v_geometry.sdo_point.Y := round(v_geometry.sdo_point.y, v_round_factor);
                If v_dim > 2 Then
                  v_geometry.sdo_point.z := round(v_geometry.sdo_point.z, v_round_factor);
                End If;
              END IF;
              IF ( v_gtype <> 1 ) THEN
                   FOR i in v_ordinates.FIRST..v_ordinates.LAST LOOP
                        v_ordinates(i) := round(v_ordinates(i), v_round_factor);
                    END LOOP;
               END IF;
              RETURN mdsys.sdo_geometry(v_geometry.sdo_gtype,
          END Round_Coordinates;
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            Thanks and cheers