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    mp3 playback inside APEX?


      In my head spins the idea for an APEX-application to connect my profession and my hobby (in my rare spare time I use to be a square dance caller).
      But, ... for this I need the possibility to play mp3 files from inside APEX. I tried to search this forum but did not really succeed.

      Basically, the rough idea is as follows:

      - Have a laptop with an Oracle database (XE for the start) and APEX installed. This will normally work stand-alone, with no internet-connection

      - store my records as mp3 BLOBs in the database, together with many additional information
      like lyrics, date purchased, dates/events used, preferred playback settings (i.e. speed, volume, pitch ) .... and much more
      Edit: I could also store the file in the filesystem and put only the filename in the database if this is mor cenvenient.

      - have an APEX application to plan and control events (playlists), including the playback of the records (with the stored settings),
      display of the record information and the collecting and storing of event-specific information (also from the mp3-player)

      I am confident that I'll be able to develop everything - except that playback part!!
      So, any help there would be appreciated.


      Because of its many helpful plug-ins, winamp would be a good choice for the player - but how do I control it from APEX??

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          Tyson Jouglet

          If you are looking for a utility to play music on the web you can try XSPF which is an open source music player. Also you can look at Sockso which is an open source music server which uses XSPF. You would be able to get a good understanding on how to use XSPF from their documentation.

          Since Oracle XE only allows 5 gigs of storage I would recommend storing your music files on the file system.

          Here is a link to [how to create an XSPF xml file|http://www.xspf.org/quickstart/]


          Tyson Jouglet

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            Check usage of embed tag

            Here is example that play video so I think same can be used to music

            Br, Jari