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      i have installed OES. on windows 2003 platform, using Tomcat 5.5.25. While creating web-service SSM instance, config tool was not working well. It showed 'creating an instance' message and hanged. Later i created the web-service SSM instance using wizard. Lot of settings need to be done in the admin console if the instance was created using wizard.

      Then I created IIS web server SSM instance using wizard. While performing the steps for environmental binding of IIS with plug-in file - wles_isapi.dl, the ISAPI filters status showed red arrow instead of green arrow.

      Is there any flaw in the configtool (config.bat file) ? Do i need to patch OES using cumulative patches 1 or 2 ?

      Which patch do i need to download and what will be the sequence of steps to be followed ?

      I have OES admin and SSM installed. Do i need to re-install the two and then install the patches?

      Chhavi Saluja
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          Chris Johnson-Oracle
          It sounds like you've had a run of bad luck.

          The config wizard is the older way to create security module instances and, as you've noted, requires quite a few manual steps. The ConfigTool is the new and nifty way to create instances and it automatically creates the necessary configuration on the admin side of the house. Unless you have a good reason to use the wizard you should probably avoid it and just use the ConfigTool.

          I always recommend using the latest Cumulative Patch, so I'd try with CP2. If you run into trouble you can always back out and move to CP1 or remove the patch and be back at the base version.

          Remember to apply the admin patch before applying the security module patch.
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            I am also getting the same error of isapi filter (wles_isapi.dll) not getting loaded. I am using OES components, did not apply any patch. Looked into the CP2 but it does not seem to have anything for iis-ssm.

            I have noticed the dll gets loaded when I make the IIS run in IIS5 isolation mode, but it then throws an 'HTTPFilterProc' error (in event viewer).

            Any suggesstion?

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              Chris Johnson-Oracle
              Please download and test with CP3. If you still have problems I'd recommend opening a support incident and they'll get you sorted out.

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                Chris Johnson-Oracle
                I'm also curious about why you're using the IIS Security Module. What are you trying to accomplish?