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    Feature Requests

      1. I've seen a feature request for color changing backrounds based on connection. It might be an even better idea to allow different configuration files based on connection.

      2. In configuration. Please allow us to change the location and function of ALL icons. specifically the placement. I've never understood the decision to put commit and rollback buttons next to each other. It's like putting a nuclear launch button next to your tv remote power button. So just let us decide where things will show both on the top toolbar as well as on the sub window toolbars.

      3. I have always wanted the ability to attach sounds to oracle events. It would be so handy to hear a klaxon when an anonymous block completed message occurs, or even trigger sounds based on what comes out of DBMS output. It should be pretty flexible and allow any number of sound queues for any number of oracle replys. That way I don't have to babysit a process that takes a long time to run.

      Those are my thoughts. Thanks!
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          You really should make a separate request over here so other folks can vote and it can get noticed


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