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    Fatal error occured while installing weblogic 10.3.2(11g R1)on 64 bit Linux


      I am trying to install weblogic 10.3.2 on Linux 64 bit ( JDK 1.6.16 for 64 linux)
      While running wls1032_generic.jar with the following command
      java -jar wls1032_generic.jar (all the java home settings were correctly pointed to appropriate java version only)

      Got the following error "fatal error occured . This application will terminate" immediately after "Choose Product installation directories" screen.

      Please help me out if i need to do perform any other pre-requisites or am i missing anything here.
      Also let me know if there is any installation guide available for 10.3.2 on Linux 64 bit.

      Thanks for help in advance
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