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    Where to install agents?


      I have following architecture:
      - Server 1 - ODI installed with option Server
      - Client 1 - ODI installed with option Client
      - Client 2 - ODI installed with option Client

      - Server 2 - Oracle DB installed - ODI Repositories created
      - Server 3 - Oracle DB - source system
      - Server 4 - MS SQL Server - source system
      - Server 5 - Oracle DB installed - target system

      I not sure where to install agents for this architecture:
      - on Server 1?
      - on Servers 3 or 4 (source systems)
      - on Server 5 (target system)

      What solution will be the best one in this case?

      Thanks in advance!
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          A J
          It is best to install the agent as close to the target as possible. So, in your case it will be on Server 5.
          Moreover, since you have only one target, then you have the advantage that you can install only one agent and it works.
          Just keep in mind, that while installing the agent on the Server 5,
          Server2, server3 and server4 should be visible to Server 5.

          To explain more the above statement,
          We have Filesystems FS1, FS2 on which the source files are located.
          And the agent is located on ORADB1 which is the target Oracle DB. So, the filesystems FS1 and FS2 are visible to the system on which ORADB1 is installed and hence the agent on ORADB1 can also see the filesystems and hence access the files for processing.

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            Thanks for the answer, it is clear for me now.

            But, how to install agent on the Server 5 - just install ODI with option Server or maybe install agent through a client machine (e.g. Client 1) using Topology Manager?
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              A J
              Install ODI Server on Server5.
              Start the agent using the command
              agent "-name=agent_20300" "-v=5"
              This command can be found in $ODI_HOME/oracledi/bin
              Remember to update the odiparams.bat or odiparams.sh (depending upon what your OS is) with appropriate information for Master and Work Repository

              Perhaps the following thread can guide you,
              Re: ODI Agent

              In Topology Manager -> Physical Architecture -> Add the agent information in the Topology Manager and run test

              Now your agent is ready to be used