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    Hiding Signature Block contract terms XSL-FO?

      Hi All,

      How to hide signature block in contract terms XSL-FO?

      Signature block is printed at the end of the contract terms?


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          Tim Dexter-Oracle

          do you mean to hide it conditionally or remove it?

          Can you post the XSL?

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            Do the following :

            1. Using XML Publisher Responsibility Copy "Oracle Contract Terms Template" (OKCTERMS_en.xsl) to custom "XXRAO Oracle Contract Terms Template" (XXRAOOKCTERMS_en.xsl)

            2. Modify XXRAOOKCTERMS_en.xsl as shown here : Line#s 576 - 590 (in 12.1.1 version)

                      <!-- JR: Call signature block conditionally, if PrintSignatureBlock set -->
                 <xsl:if test="$PrintSignatureBlock!='N'">
                           <!-- RAO <xsl:call-template name="signatures2"/> -->
            3. Update the "XXRAO Oracle Contract Terms Template" in XML Publisher with the modifed doucment in Step2

            4. Using "Purchasing Super Use"r Responsibility Steup -> Purchasing -> Document Types
            Query for "Purchase Agreement Contract" or "Purchase Agreement Blanket"
            Set "Contract Terms Layout" to "XXRAO Oracle Contract Terms Template"

            5. Create a Contract or Blanket and approve it. View the PDF to see the changes.

            Note : XML Publisher will regenerate the PDF file only when you create anew revision on "existing" BPA/CPA/SPO

            Let me know if you have any questions

            Venkoba Rao Jujaray
            MRK Technologies Inc