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    Oracle FSG Report 11i - Fix period to Column

      Hello All,

      Hope someone can help?

      We have several reports which include the YTD balance. We have a number of Rolled up Asset Balances in Period Zero. Which we do not want to include in the YTD balance. The only way we have achieved this to date, is have a hidden colmn which has an offset to bring up the period zero balance. Which we then remove from a calculated YTD balance. This seems a little messy and requires each month someone going in and changing the offset to the correct value. Which also causes a problem if we wish to run historical reports. As the offset can retrieve earlier than expected balances...

      Can anyone advise if it is at all possible to fix a column to a period. I.e. have a hidden column which will always retrieve the period zero balance. Rather than adjusting the offset each time.

      Your help is greatly appreciated.