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    Downloading Intermedia Datatypes

      How do you use ADF's built in support for Intermedia - ORDDOC, ORDIMAGE, ORDAUDIO to put a download button on the screen to download the contents of an ORDSYS.ORDDOC column (as OrdDocDomain in an ADF BC View Object)? I can find several assertions that ADF supports Intermedia natively, but no documentation about how to use it.

      I'm still using JDeveloper, but I'll bet the answer to this is the same for both 10gR3 and 11g.

      By the way, I know how to configure a form to upload a file into this column - but it wasn't easy to find - I found the information in this forum, but not in Oracle documentation anywhere that I can see.

      Bonus points if you can tell me how to display an ORDSYS.ORDIMAGE column on a page. I have no current need to do this, but who knows?

      By the way, if you tell me to write a managed bean that acts like a servlet - directly rendering a page, I'll deduct brownie points - I know how to do this, but I could do that with a CLOB - it takes no special advantage of Intermedia support.