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    ODQ , Creating entity

      Hi Guys ,

      I have installed ODQ on a Linux OS which has successfully installed I have also created a metabase and now trying to import entities from an oracle database which resides on a windows and h is connected to this Linux box through a VPN. I have created a loader connection too from this Linux box to the oracle database, now when I am trying to create and entity , and try to use the loader connection it is giving following error.

      Authentication failed. couldn't load file "/u03/oracle/odi/oracledq/metabase_server/metabase/lib/pkgOracleAdapter/pkgOracleAdapter.so": cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

      I checked the directory /u03/oracle/odi/oracledq/metabase_server/metabase/lib/pkgOracleAdapter and it has got two files


      I have changed permission on these all files and folders , just in case....but that did not help.

      Please help me , if some one has any ideas as to what might be wrong on this.