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    MQ Transport within OSB - Put to remote Q?

      Hi Guys,

      We're working on a project down under that is targeted at an environment that makes heavy use of IBM's MQ transport.

      In developing with the MQ Transport available from Oracle we've found certain limitations in it's use, specifically:
      1) unable to put to a remote queue definition on the local queue manager.
      2) unable to put a message to a queue existing on a remote queue manager which is defined on the local queue manager.

      These examples are connecting to the local queue manager in tcp (client) mode. Putting to local queues on the local queue manager, or clustered queues visible from the local queue manager work fine.

      Surely there is a way the MQ Transport within OSB can facilitate the above 2 scenarios?

      FWIW, we're using Weblogic version and OSB version 10gR3

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