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WLST Libraries

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I have a number of WLST scripts which all use a number of common functions I've written such as:
import sys

import os
import shutil
import re

def offline_createManagedServer(Name, Port, ListenAddress):
     create(Name, 'Server')
     set('ListenPort', int(Port))
     set('ListenAddress', ListenAddress)     

This is called by

     readTemplate('D:\\common\\bin\\osb1031' + '/wlserver_10.3/common/templates/domains/wls.jar')
     common.offline_createManagedServer('ManagedServer1', '7001', 'localhost')

I have been attempting to use the instructions at:

Using the above code I get 'NameError: cd' at the first line in offline_createManagedServer -->     cd('/')

I then created the and import that and now get a different error:
Error: No domain or domain template has been read.
Error: set() cannot be applied at this point of path

I want to keep all the common functions in a library style script file so they can be shared.

Has anyone actually got this to work?

I call the as follows:
set WL_HOME=D:\common\bin\osb1031\wlserver_10.3
call %WL_HOME%\server\bin\setWLSEnv.cmd
java weblogic.WLST

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    In case anyone finds this useful, I ended up using:

         jpythonScriptsDir = os.environ.get("SCRIPTS_PYTHON")
         execfile(jpythonScriptsDir + '/common/' + '')

    I run this at the start of all scripts that need access to the common functions.

    execfile loads the definitions in into the namespace that has all of the WLST functions.
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    Four years later and still very useful ... you got me unstuck from having the exact same problem all day, thanks!


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