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    OIM (SPML) -> SOA (reliable delivery)-> SPML Target

      I think this would be the correct place to put this post, lets see.

      I want to have OIM provision to a target, via SPML.

      I wan to be able to unplug the Target system but still have OIM's provisioning requests 'held' till I reconnect the target system, at some undetermined point in the future.

      I figure SOA suite has the ESB component, which should do the job.

      Problem is, as far as I understand it, OIM is synchronous with it's SPML requests. The SPML Web Service module is SPML 2, and supposedly supports async calls (don't know how, since it does not support status/cancel requests). But, OIM SPML Generation (as opposed to receiving) of SPML, whilst also SPML 2 in format, does not support async calls.

      Can anyone offer any suggestions as to how I can utilise the SOA ESB component to provide reliable delivery of SPML requests from OIM whilst not causing OIM to spit the dummy, as it waits for the SPML reply, which may not turn up for quite some time.

      Would this involve some form of SPML proxying whereby the ESB replies along the lines of 'yep, got it' then, once it's processed, sends another response, somehow, saying, 'yep, it's done' or 'nope, it failed'?

      Or, am I going completely off the rails and there is a different way of doing this?

      Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.