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    Urgent:Weblogic 8.1 session replication issues in clustered environment

      Hi, we are facing a problem with session replication in weblogic 8.1 SP6.

      Description of the problem:

      We have two servers, and each has two instances of weblogic server. One is primary and the other is secondary instance on both the servers. Here we are using In-Memory replication for session replication method. The problem is session id for the same user is going to be changed even though session is same and active. This happens sporadically. It is not happening for all users all the time. Some time, when user logs in and do some task and accidentally their session id gets changed.

      Here is the weblogic.xml content:

      Here are the two different example where session ids are different with same session:


      any Quick Help to resolve the issue would be highly appreciated...

      Thanks ..
      Ramesh Mekala