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    PeopleSoft OVM Template

    Greg Kelly-Oracle
      If you're watching the thread, check out the blog posting [http://blogs.oracle.com/peopletools/2009/10/oracle_vm_template_for_peoples.html|http://blogs.oracle.com/peopletools/2009/10/oracle_vm_template_for_peoples.html]
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          Greg, thank you very much for your update. Very nice job !
          Do you know if new VMs will be released on regular basis, for instance after bundles, or Peopletools patches ?
          Moreover, will it be only for HCM, or a CRM VM is also planned to come around ?

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            Greg Kelly-Oracle
            Subject to the usual safe harbor statements, the plan is to produce more OVM templates and build the community, there is already a Siebel OVM Template available.
            See [http://www.oracle.com/technology/products/vm/templates/index.html] (scroll down to "Applications")
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              Greg, presume there will be templates only for OVM. Those who have a corporate reliance on other virtualisation technologies will be left out in the cold?
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                Not to take the words instead of Greg, but so far, Oracle db is not supported on other virtualization software than Oracle VM. So, provide images only for Oracle VM makes sense.
                It is on your own to find a way to modify the provided OracleVM image to your virtualization software.

                You could install OracleVM for free, and use the images for free as well, and keep in mind, those images are only for testing and demo purpose, not for business achievement.

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                  Greg Kelly-Oracle
                  There are a couple of aspects to this:
                  - We have customers who have implemented the full stack using other vendor virtualization.
                  - The OVM templates are provided as a form of "quick start" to get customers and others running with an environment.
                  - Because Oracle Enterprise Linux, Oracle VM, Oracle DB and PeopleSoft Application are Oracle products there is no multi-vendor license conflict consideration

                  The Oracle VM Templates are provided in addition to all of the other resources Oracle provides, they are not supplanting, or eliminating, anything else, so no one is being left out in the cold. All the software and documentation is already provided for anyone who wishes to create their own test and demonstration environments.
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                    I've successfully installed the HCM Oracle VM templates, surprisingly painless. Any timeframe on FIN/SCM 9.1 and/or Portal 9.1 templates? Looking to setup all three to get a feel for what 9.1 is all about. Need to start planning an upgrade from 8.8/8.9. Thanks -Mike
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                      I have a question about installing the HCM template. Do you need a license to just install it and use it as a demo to just look it over and see the changes and new features of 9.1?
                      We will be upgrading to 9.1 as soon as it is ready but we wanted to get a look at it ahead of time.


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                        Charles, I think the answer to your question is here: http://www.oracle.com/technology/products/vm/templates/peoplesoft.html
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                          We now have the templates installed, but keep getting an IP error (IP cannot be built) Has anyone else had this issue while installing the VM templates.

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                            Please, create your own thread over here, and give us more details as you can (e.g. which template, when you receive the error, what did you do, exact error...).