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    Mixed HTTP and HTTPS content when using SSL (&link to APEX_LISTENER issue)

      Dear All,

      I recently opened a "SR #3-1254544641: Apex Flash Chart are failing in SSL configuration".
      The problem is resolved in OHS, but still have issues with Apex_Listener.

      *1)* But now the browser shows me warnings like when using SSL:

      +>> "This page contains both secure and nonsecure items."+
      +>> "Do you want to display the nonsecure items?"+

      Oracle support showed me note 432614.1 and explained:
      *"...This is not an Apex issue but a way the browser functions and the browser settings are ..."*

      But I don' t agree that this is a browser issue, I consider it as a design issue.
      These warnings are indeed from the browser, but the cause is within Apex!
      One should not mix http and https content, this is very anoying and certainly not a best practice.
      And it is easy to solve with a minimum of effort.
      I would like to forwarded the SR as an improvement request, but I am told to use the forums.

      Basically when I use a "hard coded" workaround and change the "Chart (Flash Chart)" > "Source" > "Region Source"

      ...codebase="*https*://download.macromedia.com/... into *https*, then warning (obviously) vanish!

      Maybe this behavior is changed in Apex 4.0 _but if not_ it would be "nice" to use http/https according to the #HOST# value.

      *2)* For the original APEX_LISTENER issue I opened a question the "Apex Listener Feedback" thread:

      "Flash Chart issues when using Apex_Listener & SSL" fresh question

      If anyone has suggestions for these problems, I would be more then happy to hear from you.

      Best regards,