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    Does APPS have dynamic port allocation going on somewhere

      Hi Gurus,

      We have a situation where 5 Test instances of Ebiz all reside on the same server. The production Instance has its own dedicated server.

      We seem to get intermittent, but frequent problems with some of the test environments taking the ports which are defined for other environments in the xml file.

      This issue Never occurs in production

      All environments services are restarted every night - most of the time there is no problem. But sometimes, web, forms, apps listner or concurrent managers wont start - an they give errors due to locked ports.

      When I run a netstat -anp | grep <port> - the output shows that one of the other environments is listening on the port in question.

      I have made absolutley sure that in the xml files and httpd.conf etc - each environment has its distinct port set (which it does)

      I have searched for ages on google and metalink to try to find information about dynamic ports but cant find any

      Can anyone help?