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    WebLogic Portal (10.3.0) requires feature "com.m7.nitrox (1.0.20)" (?)

      I just installed WebLogic Portal 10.3 and I'm trying to install a couple of plug ins to Workshop/Eclipse, but whenever I select any item to install I get this error:

      WebLogic Portal (10.3.0) requires feature "com.m7.nitrox (1.0.20)", or compatible.

      Everything else seems to be working fine, so I'm not sure why my installation is giving me this issue. I've done a bit of digging already and haven't found what may be causing this issue, and I'm hoping someone here may be able to point me in the right direction.


      Above description is cloned from user10371842's post. I encountered the same issue. Does anyone have solutions? Thanks
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          This is a bug, CR379999. that will be fixed WLP 10.4. In the meantime, here's the workaround from the bug report:

          Download the plugin manually, and either 1) create an extension location on the file system from it and add that via Help|Software Updates|Manage Configuration, or 2) extract it to one of the workshop eclipse folders (i.e. tools/eclipse_pkgs/2.0/eclipse_3.3.2, tools/eclipse_pkgs/2.0/pkgs/eclipse, workshop_10.3/workshop4WP/eclipse, wlportal_10.3/eclipse).

          Additionally, you can comment out the com.* import lines in your %BEA_HOME%\wlportal_10.3\eclipse\features\com.bea.wlp_10.3.0\feature.xml, like this:

          <import plugin="org.eclipse.core.runtime" version="3.3" match="compatible"/>
          <import plugin="org.eclipse.ui" version="3.3" match="compatible"/>
          <import feature="com.m7.nitrox" version="1.0.20" match="compatible"/>
          <import feature="com.bea.workshop.cmdline.feature" version="1.0.30" match="compatible"/>
          <import feature="com.bea.workshop.common.feature" version="1.1.40" match="compatible"/>
          <import feature="com.bea.workshop.upgrade81.feature" version="1.0.30" match="compatible"/>
          <import feature="com.bea.workshop.web.feature" version="1.0.20" match="compatible"/>
          <import feature="com.bea.workshop.wls.feature" version="1.1.30" match="compatible"/>
          <import feature="com.bea.workshop.xmlbeans.feature" version="1.0.30" match="compatible"/>

          Then restart Workshop. Sorry for the trouble.

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            I cannot apply this workaround on Workshop10.3 without portal.
            Any other solution
            i am using Oracle Workshop from Enterpise Pack.

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              Hi all,

              I have not found the plugin for manual installing, but I have commented the feature.xml like George saids, and then I tried to update again from workshop. Now works pretty fine!


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                Yes, Fabian is right, its worked gr8. Thanks George. I don't know ABC of it . Your solution helped me. Thanks for all



                Sathish Jaganathan