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    insight how ascp Order Priority (field Order Priority) is derived ?

      Anyone has detailed information on how ascp assigns "Order Priority" in the Order Priority field in the workbench ?
      I understand one factor is Priority Rule, but I need more detailed logic behind it.
      Is this field really meant to tackle the priority of working through all the recommendations ?
      Thanks much.
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          navneet goel
          ASCP uses priority rule to generate an order priority for end demands like SO, forecast etc. Once this is generated, it uses pegging information to derive order priority for the supplies based on demands it is used to satisfy.

          For example, a supply pegged to a sales order may get higher priority than another supply pegged to a forecast in similar time bucket. You may make use of more advanced priority rule settings including custom extensions to set order priorty for demands which will finally derive order priorty for the supplies.

          Setups like FIFO vs. priorty pegging may also impact this derivation. Please let me know if you may require further details in this respect.
          Navneet Goel