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    CorporateTime - Calendar API(CAPI)

      Where can I download CAPI from?

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          The CAPI can now be downloaded directly from Metalink.
          Please use the following procedure to access them:
          1. Go to metalink.oracle.com.
          2. Click Log in to MetaLink. (First time users: Click Register for MetaLink and follow the onscreen instructions.)
          3. Enter your MetaLink User Name and Password.
          4. Click Patches from the sidebar menu.
          5. Click New MetaLink Patch Search.
          6. Select Product or Family from the Search By drop-down list.
          7. You can perform a general search for all Oracle CorporateTime products by entering Oracle CorporateTime in the Search field and then select a specific product from the Release drop-down list. Or, you can search for a specific
          product (ex. Oracle CorporateTime CAPI).
          8. Select Any from the Patch Type drop-down list.
          9. Click Go.
          10. Click the Patch number for the patch you want to download.
          11. Click View README and Download.

          Trusting this is to your entire satisfaction,
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            I found it,
            thank you
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              is there any way, to get this CorporateTime API + Documentation without having a Support Contract?

              best regards