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    where can i find the metalink account?

    Asif Muhammad
      Hi all,

      I am newly recruited dba to the organization that i currently working in. They have previously brought Oracle 8i licensed copy. Where can I find the metalink accound in the box. There are cds, text guides, and papers but i m not sure where the metalink account is. Could you all help where i could find it???

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          Satish Kandi
          You need to contact your managers for this information. This information is not documented/bundled along with the license software copy.

          If the managers are not having that information, check with your Oracle software vendor. I am not very positive about the status of that contract though as 8i is out of support for a long time now (unless you have some special contract with Oracle directly).
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            Asif Muhammad
            Thanx for your reply Satish Kandi...

            Best Regards,
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              You need to register to My Oracle (was Metalink) using your Customer Support Identification (CSI) number. The easiest way to find this out is to get your PO information ready and check with Oracle Account Manager of your company (or contact Oracle Customer Service)
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                Hans Forbrich
                Please note the following steps/sequence:

                - you purchase the product license (for a perpetual license, this is done once)
                - you purchase support for that product for one year
                - you receive a Customer Support Identifier (CSI) as a result of purchasing the Support
                - you get a letter from Oracle explaining how to create the first My Oracle Support (formerly Metalink) account
                - you create that account and link the CSI to that account. You may have many CSIs against an account.
                - after the first account, you may create others that need to be linked to a CSI and approved by the administrator
                - every year after that you renew that CSI or the CSI becomes 'expired'
                - if all CSIs are expired, the account no longer can log in to My Oracle Support

                In your case, IF the company has been paying support, there must be an administrator account and a CSI number. If you can not find out who the administrator is, you can contact your Oracle Sales rep or Oracle Support by phone.

                More information at https://support.oracle.com/CSP/ui/flash.html under the "New user? Register here" and "Read the Registration FAQ" links.