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    SIL_ListOfValuesDimension does not capture changes


      I have issues with the mapping SIL_ListOfValuesDimension - it seems not to process updated records, but only to insert new records. Hence whenever we e.g. change the DESC_TEXT or LOW value of an LOV record, it is not updated to W_LOV_D.

      Reason is, that the mapping applies a filter ISNULL(LKP_ROW_WID). Exact porcess is

      - Lookup on W_LOV_D - condition on VAL, TYPE and NAME. Return ROW_WID
      - Filter: ISNULL(LKP_ROW_WID)
      - Another Lookup on W_LOV_D - condition only on TYPE AND NAME. Return ROW_WID

      I am now planning to change this filter to make it process also existing records and pass updates - however I am worried that this might have side-impacts - since I do not fully understand the background and reason for the abvoe procedure with the 2 consecutive lookups.

      Any experience with this issue? Any recommendations how to proceed?

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