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    SmartView 11 - HypRetrieveRange refresh the complete sheet not range, why?


      I wrote the follow code like the example in the smartsheet_admin_guide:

      +Declare Function HypRetrieveRange Lib "HsAddin.dll" (ByVal vtSheetName As _+
      Variant, ByVal vtRange As Variant, ByVal vtConnName As Variant) As Long

      Sub RetRangeData()

      Y = HypRetrieveRange("Tabelle1", Selection.Cells, "DE09ROH")

      If X = 0 Then
      MsgBox ("Retrieve successful.")
      MsgBox ("Retrieve failed.")
      End If

      End Sub

      Also i tried it with a regular range like range("B20:B26") but if i click on my button on Tabelle1 which refers to my macro the complete sheet Tabelle1 will be refreshed but not the marked range only.

      Why does the function refresh the complete sheet and not the selected range? Where is the bug in my code or is it not possible to refresh only a selected range?

      Many thanks for every help. :-)


      Btw: I used HFM with EPMA-Application and SmartView 11 with Office XP (Office 2002) and Windows XP Professional SP2 on the client pc´s.

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