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    FDM with Hyperion Planning


      We are new to FDM. Apologies in advance if the questions below are not appropriate for this forum.

      Environment: Oracle eBS, Hyperion Planning. Currently have a bespoke system for world wide finance consolidation - data from Oracle eBS (both Actuals / Budgets) are pumped into Finance consolidation system through CSV files generated in Oracle eBS. Not using HFM.


      1) Can Hyperion Planning data be pumped into FDM? How?

      2) Can FDM be used for performing validation on Planning data? (e.g. some dimension combination not valid etc)?

      3) How common is FDM in Planning environment? Are there many customers using FDM with Hyperion Planning?

      4) Is there any customer live with FDM Adapter for Oracle eBS?

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          1>Planning can only act as a target to FDM and not as source.
          2>Yes, FDM can be used for performing validations on planning data.
          3>I know of two clients who are currently using FDM with planning but they are using HFM as well as essbase a part from planning so it is required in there scenario.

          Hope this helps you.
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            If Planning can act only as target to FDM, how can FDM be used for performing validation on planning data?

            Allow me to elaborate situation that we have.

            Oracle eBS has extensive set of validation rules setup to validate data for Actuals (for e.g. for Fixed Asset A/c code xyz, only segment ABC, DEF from segment 1 are valid, certain other combinations are not valid etc. etc.).

            We need to have same validation applied to budgets as well before budget data is sent to world-wide system for financial consolidation.

            Can FDM be used to pull in data from Hyperion Planning to perform range of validations before we send data out from FDM to global consolidation engine?

            Our ERP team thinks that we can have both actuals and budgets validation done in FDM. So in essence, FDM is not just used for moving data into Planning but also as repository of data to send out to a non-Hyperion consolidation engine.

            Hope I am making sense and once again thanks for your input.

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              What you are trying to do is put validations on the metadata members. If you want to validate these POV intersections the the same validations need to be put into the Consolidation system where you are trying to upload data the budgeted data.

              Hope this is helpful
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                You are spot on re: validation should be done in consolidation engine etc. but due to org structure requirement, these validation needs to be done locally before submitting the number to global consolidation engine.

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                  If in HFM data that POV combination is not valid the FDM will through an error while uploading data.

                  eg Account A001 ->Cost Center CC01 valid
                  Account A001 ->Cost Center CC02 not valid

                  FDM will through an error and gives an error report at validate stage if "Enable validation intersection" is set to ("on").

                  Hope this is helpful
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                    Sorry if I am causing confusion here but allow me to clarify:

                    1) HFM is not in use. Global consolidation engine is outside regional system - data needs to be sent to Global consolidation engine which is a non-HFM target.

                    2) Before sending the data, validation needs to be performed on both Actual as well as Budget if data combination is valid.

                    3) Oracle eBS does the validation for Acutals - so we are fine there.

                    4) How do we ensure that Budget data (captured in Planning) is also valid before uploading to global consolidation engine?

                    If Planning can not be a source to FDM, I can not perform validation on Budget data using FDM, right?

                    So - what alternative do we have to perform validation on Budget data before it gets transmitted to global consolidation engine (non-HFM and outside our control)?

                    Goal is - prior to transmitting data (both budget and actual), validation should be performed locally and only clean data should be transmitted for global consolidation engine.

                    Hope this explains the situation.

                    Once again many thanks for your response.
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                      1>You need to generate a data file from planning which would be directly picked by FDM using FDM scheduler.

                      2>Now you need to create logic accounts which would act as a check point for sending cleansed data to the global
                      consolidation tool.

                      Hope this helps