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    Removing credit card numbers from Tables

      We are on We use Order Entry, iStore, etc. Since we sell products, credit card numbers are stored in IBY_SECURITY_SEGMENTS. We need to be PCI compliant and one item the auditor found is that the credit card data exists in our non-production environment (we clone from Production) and they want that removed, even though it is encrypted. Is there a supported way for us to modify the the column in tables that hold credit card data? If there is no supported way, what is the best way to do it? Credit card data used to be stored in AP_BANK_ACCOUNTS_ALL, ASO_PAYMENTS, OE_ORDER_HEADERS_ALL, etc. But after applying the credit card encryption patch, it is now supposed to be stored in IBY_SECURITY_SEGMENTS. I did see some masked credit card numbers starting with 9 in tables listed above.

      To satisfy the PCI requirement, I would need to perhaps run an UPDATE statement on IBY_SECURITY_SEGMENTS during the cloning process. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks.