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    FRM-40735:PRE-FORM trigger raised unhandled expception ORA-06508-SATYAM


      This is Sateesh, presently working on Designer migration project from Designer 2000 V1.3.2 to Designer 10g with headstart.I successfully completed the migration of repository from 1.3.2 to 6i and also migrated the headstart to 6i using simple upgrade method.After this i successfully migrated the repository from 6i to 10g and I compiled all the libraries using forms10g and then i generated all the 10g forms through designer.then 10g forms and libraries are deployed in Oracle Application Server and then we are trying to access the application then we are getting the messsage for most of the forms, i.e FRM-40735:PRE-FORM trigger raised unhandled expception ORA-06508. Can you please help me out in this regard.

      K.Sateesh Kumar