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    Common Provider Connections - Planning SmartView

      We are using Planning v11. We have a load balancing url that can connect to either one of two planning servers. Is there any way to setup a SmartView Planning connection using "Common Provider Connection" so that we can take advantage of the GUI interface to access folders/forms rather than creating a connection via "Independent Provider Connections"?

      The problem I am having is the config screen does not like the url (https://ABC/HyperionPlanning/Smartview) that I enter for "Product Server URL" input field. I even try to put the port number :8300 as part of the url but it does not like it. The only way I got it to work is by entering one of the two planning servers, but this will restrict that connection that particular server and we want it to use a different server based on the load balancer.

      Really appreciate your help on this.