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    App/Batch server - oracle client version


      The Oracle client installed on PSOVM App/Batch server is owned by root ( sigh ), the tnsnames.ora file in used is under /etc/tnsnames.ora (re sigh ), but I got a question. The Oracle client installed is where the template of database server is using, I thought Peoplesoft has always recommended (do not say supported ?) same version on both sides. Does that mean it is supported from now, or still not supported but no bug are reported ? The goal of having Peoplesoft templates is mainly to have a full Peoplesoft certified environment, right ?

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          I won't go into the reasons why there is a different version of the client and server Oracle DB versions. Take our word for the fact that there wasn't an easily amenable pre-existing DB client package for that could be included in a clean and time-effective manner.

          Given that this is just a first cut at these templates the templates are not quite as rigorous as what is expected of a production grade environment. The focus was on getting something that successfully demonstrates the basics of a PeopleSoft HCM 9.1 Application.

          I am surprised to learn that the Oracle Client is owned by root. I'll make sure this gets addressed in the next version of the templates.