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    XML Security for Peoplesoft

    Security Man

      Looking for a document that will explain how security works for XML Publisher. We are using peoplesoft financials 8.9 and peoplesoft HCM 9.0 with tools version 8.49.


      Mike Allegretti

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          PeopleSoft delivers 2 roles for this: XMLP Power User & XMLP Report Developer.
          Peoplebooks has information regarding the permission lists which give access. Below excerpt from peoplebooks:

          Permission list PTPT2600 is intended for report developers. Users assigned a role with this permission list have access to all XML Publisher components, including set up capability on the advanced feature Report Definition Bursting page.

          Permission list PTPT2500 is intended for power users and provides access to Query data sources for ad hoc reporting through Query Report Viewer and Query Report Scheduler. This permission list also provides access to report definitions and to the Content Library, though access to the report definition bursting information is view only.

          Users assigned to other permission lists and roles, such as permission list PTPT1000, may only have access to the XML Publisher Report Repository.