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    License not compatible

      We have a Vista machine that we installed either version 5 or 6 on and soon found out that that version wasn't compatible with Vista. I've uninstalled that version, and installed the newest version, downloaded from Oracle. The problem is, after installing, when I run the program, it says that the license isn't compatible with that version of Contractor. I've gotten the correct license from Oracle, but anytime I try to update the license, the program still says the license isn't compatible with this version.

      When it asks me to pick the license, it doesn't even recognize that an LDF file is a license file... I have to tell it to look for all files to make it show up.

      Anyone have any ideas?
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          I've found this on install guide.

          Acquiring an Activation Key for Primavera Contractor
          Primavera Contractor includes a 45-day trial license in the installation. If you purchased a license for Primavera Contractor, you must obtain a permanent activation key from Oracle.
          Please request the permanent activation key by sending an email to licensecodes_ww@oracle.com. Include the following information:
          Licensed Product
          Company Name
          Customer Number
          3 Quick Install Guide
          CSI Number (if available)
          After validating your request, a permanent activation key will be provided within 24 hours.
          NOTE: You do not need to follow instructions in the Contractor Help or the Contractor Reference Manual for acquiring the activation key through registration of the product.