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    Split a PL/SQL Package Spec and Body

      I hope this was not discussed in some other thread somewhere (haven't found it), but my problem is:

      How to split the Package Spec and Package Body in JDeveloper if you want to have both (for database deployment) as files in e.g. a subversion repository?

      The problem arises if you have a couple of packages that are dependent on each other, so that you have to deploy the specs first to have the "public" part in place and afterwards the bodies to define the package functions/procedures.

      Is there a way to do this?


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          If you want to store for example the package "mypackage" source code in a subversion repository
          one possibility is to define 2 svn files:

          - mypackage.pks (which contains the package "specification") and

          - mypackage.pkb ( package "body").

          I haven't tried this from JDev 11.2 but it works for example when using a single-user
          svn repository from Sql Developer 2.1.1. ( in SQL Dev if you specify a database
          connection you can compile the file based pakage specification and after then the
          package body ...)