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    Calling a CLDC device from SipServlet

      I am a newbie to the SIP and Communication server. I am exploring a way to call a CLDC device (using a simple app that listens for a sip message) from a SipServlet. Using a MidLet I can call one device from another but can't seem to get the SipServlet/HttpServlet working. I have a HttpServlet that needs to pass a message send to it to the sip device. I am doing something like the following:

      SipServletRequest req = sipFactory.createRequest(sas, "INVITE", "sip:user1@localhost", sip:user@;
      req.setContent("MyContent", "text/plain");

      I don't see my CLDC device (sip:user@ receiving anything. I ran a quick Midlet and using javax.microedition.io.Connector I can open the connection to the receivers address and send a message. As I am new to this I am sure I am doing something wrong... Any help/pointers/samples would be very helpful.

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          as a first step try to send to a different address rather than to check (ethereal) if the SIP message is really been sent out by the container.
          Next check what transport protocol is being used. I assume your container sends out via UDP. Does your Midlet receive on UDP or did you generate a server for TCP?
          best would be to try and send a packet to your Midlet to see if it can receive with a basic java client app rather than from the container.
          If you then se your Midlet being able to receive and OCCAS being able to send then chances are high that it works.